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Sam's kiln-dried firewood warehouse of woodThis company was born in Highlands, North Carolina in 2004, where a logger named Sam Schmitt began processing and cooking wood for sale in that prestigious mountain area. Driven by the belief that distribution of firewood was underserved in Atlanta, the company opened Atlanta’s first ever, dedicated, Kiln-Dried firewood store and began shipping wood to Atlanta for sale in 2009.
Since then the company has directed its attention on growing its core business of wholesale bundled product to mass merchant retailers, as well as its commercial and home delivery business. In order to accomplish this growth, a warehouse and production plant was opened in the heart of downtown Atlanta in the summer of 2010. We are now converting local wood waste into a premium, consumable, environmentally friendly firewood product.
Warehouse full of palletized wood. Click for larger image.Sam's kiln-dried firewood warehouse of woodSam's kiln-dried firewood truck ready for delivery
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