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Kiln-Dried Firewood Facts

Fire Burning Facts:
  • The average residence burns 0.28 cords of wood per winter season, about a quarter cord
  • 90% of the homes have wood burning fireplaces
  • 38% of homeowners burn wood during the winter season
Kiln-Dried Firewood Facts:
  • Cleaner Logs — Cleaner wood means less debris to track into your home
  • Indoor Storage — Can be stored in your garage or basement instead of outside
  • Burns Cleaner — Less creosote means less chimney problems and maintenance
  • Weighs less — Lighter then green and seasoned due to the lower water content
  • Burns Hot — Ignites easily and burns efficiently
  • Ready to Burn — Ready to burn the day it is delivered and available when you need it
For as long as firewood has been burned, there are two points of ambiguity which exist:
1. Water Content
Green Wood can have a water content of over 50% and will not burn well at all. Seasoned firewood (also referred to as air-dried or cured) usually has a water content of +/- 30%. The kiln-drying process reduces water content to levels well beneath that of seasoned firewood. At Sam's, we cook our wood so that its water content is +/- 15%.
2. Quantity
Very few people understand what a cord is or looks like. As a cubic measurement, a cord is 4' x 4' x 8'. This is a tremendous sum of wood; typically far more wood than most households burn in a season. More often than not, the quantity of wood delivered is misquoted. At Sam's, we are all about precise measurements - our pallets are measured to within a few sticks of wood. Our home delivery product is precisely measured, palletized and shrink-wrapped and comes in in the quarter cord size and measures 3' x 7' x 18" when stacked.
Many states are tightening rules and regulations on how firewood gets bought, sold and distributed:
This is mainly for purposes of regulating introduction of invasive pests into host environments. Kiln-drying eliminates pests in firewood which protects farm lands from infestation.
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