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Sam's Firewood News

Warehouse and Processing Plant Opens
Sam's moves operations to dowtown Atlanta industrial complex.
Sam's Kiln-Dried Firewood Restaurant Flier
See our flier.
Use local firewood to prevent disease spread
COSHOCTON -- Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week is May 22 to 28, and residents are reminded to use only local firewood. Pests such as the emerald ash borer can hide in firewood and infest areas to which that firewood is transported.
Drier wood; cleaner air
The scientist, and the council, are pushing a "clean burning" message, encouraging people to check their firewood moisture levels before stocking up for winter. A moisture meter can be used to test the dryness or moisture levels of the wood.
Fired Up By a New Idea
Check out this article from 2000 on the beginnings of kiln-dried firewood.
The Chimney Safety Institute of America Reminds Homeowners that
Preventative Maintenance Can Save Money and Homes
Test your firewood's moisture content. Well-seasoned firewood, with an average moisture content of 20-25 percent, is easier to start, produces more heat and burns cleaner. An inexpensive handheld moisture meter, available at home improvement stores or ...
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