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Firewood Creation Process

loading the kiln-dried firewoodWe guarantee that our kiln-dried firewood is ready to burn at time of delivery. We dry our firewood through a cooking process in kilns made especially for drying firewood.
Once our timber is brought to the yard, we process the wood into firewood-size sticks (our standard cut is 18"). The newly processed firewood falls into baskets, which are placed in kilns where the wood gets cooked at 200 degrees for 4 days. By cooking the firewood, Sam's Kiln-Dried Firewood ensures our customers will receive a premium grade wood product that has a low water content (10% - 15%), and is also bug and infestation free.
loading the kiln-dried firewoodAt Sam's Kiln-Dried Firewood, the environment is always a concern of ours. Our kilns are heated and operated on the wood waste that we produce when processing our logs. This means that we are not using a supplemental product to fire our kilns, reducing our waste and that which is released into the environment.
un-loading the kiln-dried firewoodBecause our firewood is guaranteed at or below 15% water content, the BTU output is 1.5 times hotter than that of greener firewood products. Simply put, our firewood burns more efficiently; reducing the energy it takes to sustain a warm fire as well as reducing the quantity of firewood burned. We are proud that wood is a renewable resource, and work with the timber industry to replant trees that are cut and processed for our firewood.
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